An EXCLUSIVE Society of HIVE Hodlers!

We LOVE Ecency!

"I Finally Own My Social Prescence"

"The Possibilities Are Endless"

"Sustainable Long-Term Crypto Utility"

Live a Web3 Lifestyle in Abundance!

An INVITE ONLY Society powered by the HIVE Blockchain. We aim to shine a light on the Ecosystem we love and how its' secrets can help unlock the New Version of You within!


The HIVE Ecosystem Has Something for Everyone

Play 2 Earn Gaming (P2E)

We all need a break sometimes, now imagine getting paid to play some of the same online games you play now.

Decentralized Social Media

Your Social Posts, Comments, and Connections exist independently of any specific social media platform.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Take control of your finances... removing third parties and centralized institutions from taking transaction fees.

True Content Ownership

As a Content Creator the ability to truly own your content means you Earn More without a middleman.

Backed By USD Stablecoin

Our Hive Backed Dollar (HBD) provides stability and increased usability within the volatile Crypto World.

Immutable & Uncensored

Your transactions, comments, posts and text are stored on an un-owned, community operated blockchain.

2024 Rallye Monte Carlo

Ready to Rally with Us?

How many of these Crypto projects are IRL... the HIVE Blockchain and Ecosystem are! Check out this official "AfterMovie" from the World Rally Championship Race in Monaco, France. Things move fast on the Blockchain... Don't Get Left Behind!


Transactions take less than 3 seconds on the HIVE Blockchain.


We have a future proof resource-bandwidth & storage system.


Battle-tested by projects around the world for 5+ years.


Stop Speculating & Start Building

Why waste your money relying on someone else to follow through on their empty promises of utility and their crazy closed-door pump & dump cycles? Invest in a Blockchain that is Community Owned and already has a thriving Ecosystem full of dApps & resources that are already live!

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